Hey Alec Baldwin,

Sorry it’s taken me a few days to write this. I’m just recovering from that massive cleanup job since you weren’t there to help. Luckily Harry and Ciara lent a hand (you totally owe them, btw).

You also owe Gus for having to hold up this mask of your face all night so people could take pictures with you. His right arm was so tired, you have no idea.




Anyways, I was thinking that since you weren’t able to make it, you might want to grab dinner or something some other time… Thing is, I’m leaving New York in February to do some more of this stuff, so we should get something on the calendar soon. Or you could meet up with me in Hong Kong or something. I’m down for whatever.

Also if you’d like to fund my travels, I would not argue (it would only be fair, since you missed my party, let’s be honest). YOU CAN DONATE HERE. <– <– <–

Okay cool, talk to you soon…


p.s. My dress was f*cking amazing.

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