I was only able to hang a few cuz my crappy off-brand masking tape kept breaking and I was running late for a meeting.

I’m thinking about hanging some on the Upper West Side after I get off work tonight because Jennifer said you shop at Zabar’s. That doesn’t sound right though – who buys groceries on the Upper West Side unless they live there, right? I’ll see if I can make it up there – I’ve got a lot of other stuff to do, planning this party and all. NOT THAT YOU’RE NOT IMPORTANT, ALEC BALDWIN, YOU TOTALLY ARE.

By the way, I tried to send you my address via Twitter but it appears you don’t accept private messages unless you’re following me or something. Sooooo let me know the best way to get you the deets.

Anyways I hope you see the signs. I worked really hard on them.


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